Doctor’s Employment Contract Attorneys

The Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law works with physicians, dentists, chiropractors and other Doctors and healthcare professionals as well as medical, dental, chiropractic and other offices and clinics reviewing or preparing employment contracts.

Hospitals, medical Practices, dental Practices and other healthcare Practices have their own way of handling employment relationships.  Many issues arise in healthcare employment contracts and negotiations that are unique to healthcare.

Contract law issues such as non-compete agreements, call schedules, tail insurance, compensation methods, and ownership of patient records must be carefully evaluated, understood and often negotiated and changed in order to create a work environment where the employees’ and employers’ needs are met. In addition Stark, Anti-Kickback and other healthcare laws and regulations often relate to the contract relationship and should be addressed.

Issues that remain unclear or unresolved in employment contracts can often result in irreparable harm to relationships between the parties with either the healthcare employee or employer choosing to terminate or not to continue the relationship.

Estate Planning for Lifetime Issues

Comprehensive Estate Planning is more than just a Will and a Trust that go into effect after a person dies. It includes planning for occurrences during life such as disability, incapacity, illness, lifetime transfers of assets and asset protection. Our comprehensive Colorado Estate Planning includes Financial Powers or Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, HIPAA authorizations for providers and other documents that are relevant to the individual client.


Depending on our client’s goals and needs, we can use Trusts which begin during an individual’s lifetime or that take effect upon the the client’s passing. Within those options we use strategies to help clients avoid costly probate, minimize estate taxes, protect assets from potential creditors and plan for and protect the inheritance of their future generations or other heirs.

Business Succession Planning

Many of our clients are business owners. For business owners, business succession or transfer planning is an important part of the estate plan. The Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law works with clients to develop strategies and plan for the transfer of their businesses as part of their estate plan.

The Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law is here to help you with your Colorado Estate Planning needs, from basic wills and powers of attorney, to trust planning, to sophisticated asset protection and tax strategies.

If you have questions, please call Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law at 720-420-1777 or schedule your free initial consultation.