After practicing with a very old and established law firm, we founded the Law Office of Philip M. Bluestein (now Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law) in 1995 as a “boutique” law firm. Since 2000, I have focused my legal practice on providing knowledgeable legal advice and experienced representation to physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses and healthcare professionals & practices throughout the state of Colorado. I also help individuals and families make informed decisions for their futures with estate planning and asset protection.

In addition, to my law practice I have assisted my now ex-wife, a surgeon, in the start-up and management of her medical practice since 2000.

Legal mistakes can be costly for any business.

The complex state and federal laws and regulations governing the healthcare profession make it that much more difficult to ensure the success of your practice without the help of an experienced attorney who understands your unique challenges.

My goal is to help your practice run smoothly by addressing healthcare business issues, legal challenges, and/or professional licensing boards and actions issues in a timely and efficient manner.

I am personally invested in my clients’ success, and I know firsthand the value that knowledgeable legal advice can bring to a healthcare practice.

Colorado healthcare attorney for healthcare practices

I often describe myself as a “healthcare Practice Attorney.” This means I do more than just handle healthcare regulation. I handle a wide variety of matters for my clients. I have formed professional relationships with healthcare providers and practices throughout the state of Colorado, acting as de facto outside general counsel. In that capacity, I am able to help guide my clients in practice management as well as other issues and to address these challenges as they arise.

  • I can help you form a healthcare practice or partnership, review employment and business contracts, help you navigate and stay in compliance with complex federal and state laws such as HIPAA and Stark, assist you with associateship, buy-ins, mergers and break-ups, and handle contract disputes.
  • I can assist you and your patients with insurance issues. I can also assist you with licensing and disciplinary matters before your licensing boards as well as the difficult times when you are facing malpractice law suits.
  • Finally, I can assist you with collections of your accounts receivable.
  • In all these areas, I will stand up for your rights and reputation and I will fight for your rights in court when necessary. I will work for you so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

For experienced legal advice in areas involving your healthcare practice or you as a healthcare professional, call my office at (720) 420-1777 or email me directly.

Please note that these Informational Videos and Interviews are presented for informational purposes only and are not, nor are they intended as legal or other professional advice. No Attorney Client relationship is created by viewing these informational videos and interviews. If you have specific legal questions about estate planning or your particular estate plan, please contact Rocky Mountain Healthcare Law directly at (720) 420-1777 or fill out the form below.